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Minutes of the Minutes of Filleigh Parish Council held at Filleigh Village Hall on the 30 January 2019

Present were: Mr Hewitt, Mrs Norden, Mrs Roberts and Mr Toms.

Apologies: Miss Peat, Mr Rowe and Mr Cook.

29. Planning Applications a. 66007 Change of use of part of dwelling and garage for business use (storage of firearms and associated shooting accessories, repairs and sales) at Barton View Cottage, Filleigh. No objections.

b. 66067 Listed and 66065 Alterations and change of use from retail class A1 to business class B1 at the Old Sawmills, Filleigh. After much discussion the Parish council felt enable to approve this application as there was great concern regarding the parking. Firstly we do not know where it is and the application states there are 25 spaces while there is forty staff. As it is very unusual for car sharing where is the extra 15 spaces and where do visitors park? The site of the old village hall is used for walks on the estate and we believe a grant was obtained for putting down hardstanding on the site as it is a very muddy area but this has not been done yet. We definitely donít want cars parking on the narrow road outside the Old Sawmills causing an obstruction. Secondly the Parish Council had concerns regarding exterior lighting. Would it be lit up like the Bray Leino building at the Rectory?